I discovered Blue:X’s The Waiter amongst a batch of other rollers from the early 1970s. A 200ft film, The Waiter is presented in an over-sized green box that is more typical of a 400ft roller, with the title of the film handwritten onto the postcard and the brand poorly letraset. When compared to other roller boxes from the period, the presentation is rather amateurish, and more akin to the mid-1960s. As for the film itself, The Waiter looks to have been shot in a hotel room and produced by someone with some technical skill, using a tripod, lighting and maintaining a steady camera. However, they appear to be rather inexperienced when shooting sex, unable to choreograph the two males and sole female perfomer effectively. It seems likely that it was made by people who were attempting to enter the roller market and profit from the demand for hardcore films. The 3M Satefy Film stock is typical of the early 1970s, suggesting that it originated between 1970 to 1972. I’ve only seen one other release from Blue:X, which did not appear to have a title and was presented in a smaller sized red box, but with the brand scratched into the attached postcard’s negative. If any readers know of other releases from Blue:X please leave a comment.