One of rarer roller labels, Apollo featured in the Watford Blue Movie Trial. In a police interview, Anthony Collingbourne claimed to behind Apollo, as well as Academy, Anglo Continental, Double X and Viking Films. Police files identify two Apollo titles – Daughter’s First Lesson and an assumed bestiality roller Dog Fashion. Otherwise, this label never appeared in any of the private collections I was granted access to, until a further two titles were identified by another collector, who provided the box scan for Haymakers. Pick Up (part two) also appears on Fantasy, another label that tends to use the same performers from the Watford Blue Movie Trial, however, I do question whether Collingbourne had any involvement with this brand. I’ll explore this in more detail when I discuss Fantasy in a future post. From the box photograph, Haymakers appears to use Collingbourne’s studio location. Boxes appear to have a distinctive background, although follow the usual Soho style box. If any readers can name any other releases from this label or identify film stock please do leave a comment.

Daughter's First Lesson1970-72
Dog Fashion1970-72
Pick Up (part two)1970-72Also appears on Fantasy