A label re-releasing films originally produced and distributed by Climax Films between 1967 and 1968. It is possible that Amör was either a bootleg outfit, or an offshoot of Climax. Films are presented in distinctive yellow boxes for black and white prints and red boxes for colour prints; the latter are difficult to come across. Amör claims to be a Danish label, but this is likely used as a synonym for hardcore. The reference to Denmark also suggests this label emerged after 1969 following their legalization of all pornography. Titles rarely appear on the second-hand market, perhaps suggesting limited distribution. If any readers can provide film stock details please leave a comment below.

TitleYear of issue
Ambitious Model1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Girlfriend1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Good Deal1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
The Milkman1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
No Mercy for Susan1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Pussy Galore1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Sailor's Delight1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Staff Room1970-72 (made between 1967-68)
Teacher1970-72 (made between 1967-68)

Yellow box variant: