Action Films was the last of Mick Muldoon’s (aka Mike Freeman’s) labels before his arrest in 1969 for the murder of his mind Gerald Hawley. It is likely that Action Films emerged late 1968, early 1969, re-releasing titles that were issued on Muldoon’s earlier labels Eros Films and Venus Films. As with Muldoon’s other labels, rollers from this label rarely appeared in the collections I engaged with while researching Under the Counter. The small number of titles below suggests that this may have been a stalled venture, due to the arrest. Releases appear in the typical ‘Soho style’ photobox, with a postcard stuck on the front and ‘Action Films’ printed at the bottom. Titles mainly reference Muldoon’s preference for ‘schoolgirl’ themed pornography, a common trope in all British pornography. If any readers know of any further titles on this label, or can confirm the brand of film stock used, please leave a comment.

Degenerates Orgy Action Films 1969
Schoolgames I Action Films 1969
Schoolgames II Action Films 1969
Schoolgirl Initiaion Action Films 1969 (possibly produced earlier)
Young Sexpot Action Films 1969 (possibly produced earlier)